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released August 8, 2016

Produced by SG, written by Jeff and SG, Mastered by Franky at Carverycuts, artwork by Lunapocalypse (MH)
Except: Blood River - Written by Abbe May, Solid Sea - Written by Louis Inglis, Say What You Say - Written
by Jeff and DC & Produced by Damian Crosbie.
Jeff's Dead is Cameron J. Hanush, Jeff Strong, Louis Inglis, Sean Gorman.



all rights reserved


Jeff's Dead Perth, Australia

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Track Name: River of Sense
I went down to the mountain of dreams
Took a a trip to the Aberdeen
Dived into a river of regret
Swam around till I felt sick

And there were times when I never
Thought i'd see you again
Through the mountains of disasters to the river of sense
And I never really , I never reached out to the mountains of disasters
To the river of doubt

I walked all over the line
Skipped and sang and I felt fine
Took a cigarette with major tom
Lived with the mayor of simpleton


Its been such a long time coming , i'm fallin' oh my darlin'
Track Name: Solid Sea
Pressed by the solid sea, listen how they grown
Cold water will receive a payment on the loan
Sad though they saw the sun they borrowed what they could
Sad though they won't believe the one mistake they should

Two steps from your door back into the darkness
One step from the other side when you were waiting for me
Just spent the night eating takeaway and saying to myself ....NO

Catch rain and count the teeth that wobble on the jaw
Soothed by the false belief their souls will float to shore

Track Name: Back in my Hotel
Someday you will call me up and ask for your mower back
Back in my Hotel

Sitting on the edge of the verandah
Waiting for you to call
Back in my hotel
Track Name: Tonight
say one word say to me ...tonight
i feel so low , i need to hear one word ...tonight
close your eyes and scream your name
hold your shirt in my hands and cry tonight

its that time when no-one can hear you cry
when you sit down at the table
and they all dismiss you
when your out of sight your out of mind
and theres the mistakes that finally come round
and you try and tell yourself its ok its alright....tonight
Track Name: Start Again
1 long minute that all you get to make a difference to hide your regret we were walking from the 109 to the city on more time once again you find something in you and you start again

you know i waited for the doctor to call he said come in and see me and bring your family along you know its not the end its just a thing so you take what your given and you did in once again and find something in you and start again

you know i thought thought about giving up put my head in my hands sat down on the curb you know i tried to drown myself in my pillow at night cried till i was sick in the guts till i hated my life once again you find something in you and you start again
Track Name: Mini Magical Interlude Tour
looking out the window to the ocean
forward we were brothers we were open to the problem
future by the window we found love there in the rainbow
flying after lift off you saw that it was magical

lay it down , I'm not here to hurt you
when you come home
lay it down on me
i won't let you trip

(what to dream when theres nothing to dream posters of bands they all got to come down now cover the walls in your favourite psychopaths fall in the water and stay down for long enough)
Track Name: Say what you say
say what you say
try ta twist the fate
say i don't need to know i don't need to be ok
let the darkness come back
you kick you scream you shout
till your sick in ya guts and out on your arse

in the morning you wake you say i don't need her i don't need no-one i don't need to be ok
sun comes down , you kick your boots to the ground you look 'round you see no-one nothing your ok?

But your Lyin'

you walk back and forth you cry out to the lord you get down on your knees and beg
you send the last text you try and hurt with every word you look round and see no-one nothing your ok?

But your Lyin'
Track Name: Work
Well Work wasn't that bad this week but it sure was getting boring so when friday came i was keen to let off steam !

So i got high with my mates and went in to the city i drank wine from the cellar I drank beer out of pity for the poor boys that gathered for the party

We watched the lights dance across the wooden floor boards i saw girls kissing girls I saw boys kissing boys and we were all blowing smoke out of our ears

and you can leave your mind at the door for tomorrow
yes you can leave your brain on the floor for people to tread over
but when morning came i was glad i was on the right train :)

we got caught in the crossfire of some crazy relationships
dodged the bouncers went out to the car park for some more lines of speed
got caught in the toilets talking to strangers making the same fucken conversation over and over and over falling in slow motion


we went left and right we went up and down i took rain of the night i crossed i round i was drunk i was high i was spewing on my friends i was all lots of fun till i had god in the end not much else blowing smoke out of our ears

Track Name: Blood River
Blood River you were 17 years older
In my bed you were my lover in my heart and undercovers
Blood river you were married and barely sober
in my hands you were discovered in my hands

I can't be one you wanted.....

I was making down on you once more
and you were holding on to me
When we touched I didn't know your old man was coming
I woke up in the middle of the night and I didn't know why
then i heard the gate outside I told you to lock yourself in and i grabbed the knife
I came to and i was tied i couldn't see my ears were ringing
Your body lifeless in the corner and the blood was coming

Blood river my only lover
you were silent and frozen over
In my bed I wait forever in my heart
there is no other ... Blood River...
Track Name: Nobody
I used to be scared of dying young now I'm scared of getting old
spent so much time trying to run from everything that was happening

stop to see something comming to run me down and stomp me out
i know if i go in to far I'm never coming out
I'm taken off soon to another land cause theres things in this one i don't understand
thats kinda funny to say out loud
cause it just just might mean that i need it now
more than eva....

cause I'm trying to hide from something that was defiantly coming like a loser at dusk trying to capture the sun
running from thinking that anything mighta needed doin
ducking at mirrors cause i never wanted to see